On Sitcoms, Sexism, and Fractured Ankles

Well. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? You may have noticed that, apart from video posts, I haven’t been posting to this blog as much as usual. Long story short, it turns out that moving continents took a lot more energy than I’d thought it would. Add to that an almost-complete house renovation, internet cut-outs … Continue reading On Sitcoms, Sexism, and Fractured Ankles

Review: Paradise – Lana Del Rey

I'm really excited to release into the world a video I've been working on for a while - my review of Lana Del Rey's Paradise EP! After my first ever Record Review, of Del Rey's Born To Die, got such a positive response I decided to review another of her album's. I love Lana's work, partly because it … Continue reading Review: Paradise – Lana Del Rey

I Holla Back!

With my Feminist Society co-founder Margaret Smiley at the rally this weekend.Images via Margaret Smiley and iHollaback This weekend I attended the International Anti-Street Harassment Rally in Washington Square Park, New York, right in the middle of my old neighborhood. The event, hosted by non-profit Hollaback!, was the second annual of its kind, and marked … Continue reading I Holla Back!