No Mirror Makeup Challenge for Comic Relief 2015

Prepare yourselves for some rather odd... "makeup"... It's Red Nose Day this week and as I always love watching the UK broadcast I thought I'd join in and attempt to inspire some more donations by "Making My Face Funny." Watch as I attempt to apply a full face of makeup with no mirror, left-handed. FUN. … Continue reading No Mirror Makeup Challenge for Comic Relief 2015

Review: LP1 – FKA twigs

Is FKA twigs really singing about robots in LP1? What genre does it fall into? And should you get it on vinyl? Find out in this week’s Record Review! LP1 fuses the organic and the mechanic to create an innovative yet unsettling sound, as FKA twigs’ breathy vocals interact with industrial noises. One of the … Continue reading Review: LP1 – FKA twigs

Lana Del Rey & Female Rivalry w/ Brittany Spanos

Why are female artists always pitted against each other? And how does that intense rivalry affect them (and us)? Join me and Brittany Spanos, Online Producer at Rolling Stone, for a chat about Ultraviolence, Lorde, and the way that our culture deals with innovative women in music.