Can’t Hardly Wait: Cinderella and her Singing Mice

Just as I was going about my day yesterday, something awesome happened. Scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw that finally, finally, there's a full trailer for Disney's upcoming live-action Cinderella, and it looks to be every bit as magical as I was imagining. Disney started teasing this project over a year ago, releasing images of that single … Continue reading Can’t Hardly Wait: Cinderella and her Singing Mice

We Need A (S)hero!

Aside from the fashion and the selfies, last night the 86th Annual Academy Awards had another theme: heroes. The idea of the Oscars having a single “theme” is awkward enough to begin with - you’d think that it being the biggest night in Hollywood would pretty much cover the USP for the evening. But nonetheless, … Continue reading We Need A (S)hero!