Lazy Hair Day Essentials

A couple of years ago, when I spent my first summer in New York City, I discovered why most people who can afford it flee the metropolis after Memorial Day. NYC is miserably hot and humid  for about three months straight, which makes any kind of hair heat-styling practically impossible - unless you want to … Continue reading Lazy Hair Day Essentials

Sephora’s Birthday Gift 2014: Make Up Forever

I popped into Sephora this weekend and was pleasantly surprised when the sales assistant told me that it was time for my Sephora Birthday Gift! Members of Sephora’s rewards program (ie. beauty addicts like me) get certain perks including an exclusive gift every year. Even though my birthday isn’t until the 23rd, you can claim … Continue reading Sephora’s Birthday Gift 2014: Make Up Forever

April Obsessions

They say that March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers… Well, in that case the next four weeks had better be blooming florescent, because the past month in New York has been absolutely miserable. A spattering of sunshine between gloomy skies, torrential downpour, and even a spot of unseasonal snow - this definitely … Continue reading April Obsessions