How I Make My Videos #YouTubeGirls

Hey! So tomorrow, 1 August 2016, is the one year anniversary of a pretty nifty online movement called FemTube. It's a community of online content creators coming together to discuss the challenges and changes in online video. They do a lot of cool stuff, including monthly hosted chats on Twitter, playlists, and a blog, so if … Continue reading How I Make My Videos #YouTubeGirls

Can’t Hardly Wait: Cinderella and her Singing Mice

Just as I was going about my day yesterday, something awesome happened. Scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw that finally, finally, there's a full trailer for Disney's upcoming live-action Cinderella, and it looks to be every bit as magical as I was imagining. Disney started teasing this project over a year ago, releasing images of that single … Continue reading Can’t Hardly Wait: Cinderella and her Singing Mice

Entering the Unhappy (Silicon) Valley

The stars of Silicon Valley. (L-R: Kumail Najiani, Martin Starr, Thomas Middleditch, Zach Woods, T.J. Miller.) Still via HBO.  Right after Game of Thrones’ fourth season premiere, HBO snuck in a new much-hyped show, Silicon Valley, presumably hoping to catch some of the preceding massive GoT audience.  The show, created by Office Space writer-director Mike … Continue reading Entering the Unhappy (Silicon) Valley