How I Make My Videos #YouTubeGirls

Hey! So tomorrow, 1 August 2016, is the one year anniversary of a pretty nifty online movement called FemTube. It's a community of online content creators coming together to discuss the challenges and changes in online video. They do a lot of cool stuff, including monthly hosted chats on Twitter, playlists, and a blog, so if … Continue reading How I Make My Videos #YouTubeGirls

Lana Del Rey & Female Rivalry w/ Brittany Spanos

Why are female artists always pitted against each other? And how does that intense rivalry affect them (and us)? Join me and Brittany Spanos, Online Producer at Rolling Stone, for a chat about Ultraviolence, Lorde, and the way that our culture deals with innovative women in music.

I Holla Back!

With my Feminist Society co-founder Margaret Smiley at the rally this weekend.Images via Margaret Smiley and iHollaback This weekend I attended the International Anti-Street Harassment Rally in Washington Square Park, New York, right in the middle of my old neighborhood. The event, hosted by non-profit Hollaback!, was the second annual of its kind, and marked … Continue reading I Holla Back!