about me

Hey you!

How are you today? If you’ve ended up on my about page then chances are you’re wondering who I am, and why you should care.

I’m Catie Brown, and I started CatieWahWah as an outlet for my hyper-analytical mind. I love pulling pop culture apart, examining every detail, and sharing my thoughts with the world.

I started The Record Review, an album review web series, in 2014 when I began collecting vinyl records, and I’ve since jumped into the online vinyl community. I make hauls, collection videos, and most importantly album reviews! I’m always open to new ideas and directions, so if you’d like to work on something together then please get in touch!

My email is contact@catiewahwah.com

You can see my videos on my YouTube channel.

Instagram: @catiewahwah & @vinylwahwah

One thought on “about me

  1. Michael Faust says:

    Hey Catie,
    first of all please excuse my “learned-in-school-Englisch” 😉
    I’m Michael from Cologne (Germany) and I really really have to leave you a message
    I had to take a break from watching your brillant, inspiring, funny and refreshing videos.
    Why? Meanwhile I’m watching since 2 hours and I’m afraid of getting square eyes 😉 :-))))
    It was pure coincidence that I discovered your channel.
    After the last RSD, I’ve browsed youtube and discovered your video. By the way……congratulations on successful hunting.
    I nearly bought the same records, except “Aqua”……a little bit too pinky for me 🙂 😉
    I just watched your “makeup without mirror” video and I am still out of breath…….brillant!! I’ll try the same on the weekend ;-))))
    Here another info to my person: I love and collect Vinyl (in german: Schallplatte) too and I hope we can exchange our vinyl-experiences in the future.
    Thank you very much for your vinyl-tag……one minute ago I ordered this record:
    Well, Mrs. WAH WAH…….I have to conclude now…….my bed is calling quite loud 😉
    Have a good night and sleep very well. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Warm greetings from quite far away.
    Yours Michael 🙂

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