January’s Most Anticipated Pressings

RR- January MAP


Time for a new video! Finally, right? Here’s my first video of 2015 – a quick rundown of the LP releases I’m most excited about this month.

With a fully-recovered ankle I’m back with the records I’m most excited about this month! Sleater-Kinney’s long-awaited reunion LP, “No Cities To Love,” looks absolutely fantastic, and there’s some exciting stuff coming from Aqualung and Lupe Fiasco, as well as a stunning debut from Ghost Culture that I’m already listening to on loop!

Full list and release details below!

Which records are you looking forward to this January? Which ones should I review?

P.S.: Ultraviolence review is uploading soon!! 🙂 x



–January’s Most Anticipated– all release dates are UK

#1 Ghost Culture (Self-titled) (5 January)
#2 Doolittle 25 – Pixies (12 January)
#3 10 Futures – Aqualung (19 January)
#4 Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance – Belle and Sebastian (19 January)
#5 What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World – The Decemberists (19 January)
#6 Tetsuo and Youth – Lupe Fiasco (19 January)
#7 The Pale Emperor – Marilyn Manson (19 January)
#8 Time – Mikky Ekko (19 January)
#9 No Cities To Love – Sleater-Kinney (19 January)
#10 Sucker – Charli XCX (26 January)

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