Did Damien Hirst Just Get Affordable?!

Other Criteria feature text

While I’m hardly a New York scene kid, I do fancy myself a tad artistic, so when I read in last month’s Vogue that famed BritPop artist Damien Hirst had opened a new store/gallery of more affordable pieces in NYC I had to check it out. 

So I headed downtown to the SoHo store and was pleasantly surprised by the layout and atmosphere. A lot of NYC galleries (the small as opposed to big ones like the MoMA) tend to feel intimidating to the average art fan, and a lot of the time I’m put off even going inside. 

However, Other Criteria felt completely different. It’s a cool mix of gallery-gift-shop items (but all with that Hirst design) and more reasonable limited-run prints, including his butterfly series. Considering Hirst’s works have previously been sold for millions, finding limited prints for around $1000 seems like good value (if you already like his work) for a man whose work sold for £111million in a 2008 auction

What I really liked about Other Criteria is how it feels like they’ve taken Hirst’s perspective and really thought about how to filter it into everyday design and beautiful objects. Even the bags and product wrappings were so carefully thought out!

OC bag + wrapping

OC box exterior

I was a little overwhelmed by all the lovely little things there, and without quite the budget for a print, I decided to get some magnets and what they called a “Kids Gift Box.” And yes I am an adult :/


These magnets look awesome on my fridge – I personally love subtly creeping people out with a tiny memento mori, plus they’re so much cooler than magnetic poetry.

Other Criteria box

Other Criteria Kids Gift Box (cat not included).

The Kids Box is, in my opinion, too good for kids! It’s basically a round-up of cool items from around the store, including a badge, dots keyring, butterfly tote bag, butterfly flip book, matching game (featuring Hirst’s most iconic works), and my personal favourite item: a skull notebook.

skull notebook

They also have stores in London, so I’m really excited to check those out! You can have a look at the other items available at Other Criteria here

Have you guys checked out Other Criteria yet? I’m still saving for a butterfly print… 😀

**Also: I’m looking into starting up an online arts zine – email me or comment if you’d like to be involved!!

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