June Favourites


Surely June 2014 will go down as the month of absolutely insufferable heat! It was averaging out at 30°C a day in New York, which for me – coming from London where the highest we get is around 23°C – was close to torture! Add to that my lack of an A/C unit and you can probably imagine how bad it got… But it was still a gorgeous month, and these favourites definitely got me through the heat!

Philosophy Sunshine Grace

Grace Sunshine

I love Philosophy’s Grace line, and the “Sunshine” version not only comes in a pretty bottle, but also actually smells like sunshine, if that’s possible? You know that lovely beachy smell of sea salt and vitamin D your skin seems to pick up after a day in the great outdoors? Yeah, that’s what this smells like (minus the sweat!). 

Tove Lo

This Swedish singer has a voice part Lykke Li, part Sia, and her songs are so summery I’m slightly obsessed… Her lyrics are a bit darker than most pop singers, and have a really interesting self-destructive edge to them. Her EP Truth Serum came out this March and has been stuck on my Spotify. So there’s your summer anthem. You Are Welcome.

Bumble & Bumble Sea Salt Spray

surf spray

I mentioned this is in my “Lazy Hair Day Essentials” post last month, and it’s been a (hair)life-saver on those days when my barnet is getting unmanageably big and I decide to just go with it. It’s also amazing how even just the smell of sea salt can make intense summer heat feel alright, because you can just imagine that you’re lying on some gorgeous beach.

Paddy Wax Ocean Tide + Sea Salt Candles

paddy wax

Continuing the sea salt theme, I have been loving these so far this summer. Paddy Wax make artisan soy wax candles, and they burn with a really pure and natural scent. They make the whole room smell like a beach hut, mmmmm 🙂 (And yes, clearly I am long overdue a beach holiday!)

22 Jump Street

22 jump street

I honestly did not expect to love this film as much as I did. I assumed from the trailers it would be a slightly odd/clichéd cop comedy and I’m not Channing Tatum’s biggest fan (sorry!), but my friend Brittany was so enthusiastic about it that I thought it was worth a try. And oh my gawdness! Literally from the moment the film started to the end I had the biggest smile on my face – Jonah Hill and Tatum are awesome together, and there are all these nerdy film fan meta-jokes scattered throughout – I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great summer movie night!

TopShop Black Lace Shorts


I wasn’t expecting these to be as versatile as they are, but they’re perfect! Seriously! 

The Impossible Project

Impossible small

Still trying to figure out how to turn the flash off…

So I had been eying up their re-furbed Polaroid cameras at Urban Outfitters for a while now, and last month decided to just shell out for one. One of my favourite gifts as a child was when my parents bought me a Polaroid camera, and I ran around the house taking pictures of the cats, the stairs, and everyone who came through our front door. When Polaroid announced that it was shutting down its last plant I was pretty annoyed – I do love digital media but, in case you guys hadn’t noticed, I’m rather a fan of analog… Anyway that’s how The Impossible Project was born – you can learn more about it here. Now I have a Sun600 and my parents have unearthed my original camera! Now just to stockpile that film…

Urban Outfitters Pint Glasses


Anybody with a nosy cat will know that a glass of water left unattended is wont to be inspected/smashed by that same curious feline. Which is why I’m always on the lookout for new glasses, and this one from Urban Outfitters actually has Mr Jack Kerouac on it! They have a really fun range of pint glasses in store at the moment, which you can check out here

I hope you all had a lovely June! And be sure to stay cool this summer! ♥

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