Someone Failed at Spamming Me (…And It’s Hilarious)

spam feature

So I was going through my spam comments today, and had the usual crop of oddly constructed sentences and vague platitudes about my “content” (hate that word…) when I came across this gem. You see, apparently somebody spamming me was a bit new at this, and so had accidentally put the entire code that they use for spamming into my comment box. And like any good blogger, I thought I’d post it in full.

So, curious folk, prepare for this ghastly look behind the (spam) curtain. Feel free to comment with how you would have spammed me, but it will probably go to my spam folder…

N.B. I was originally going to post the “potential” comments here, thinking there were about 5 of them coded into that comment, but when I started screenshotting it lo-and-behold there were over 50 possible SPAM-lets! So, I’ve decided to set up a tumblr so that I don’t bore you to death in one sitting. I’ll be posting a comment a day, and rating them too.

Warning, this is a bit like seeing the Matrix (not the film but the matrix itself…).


matrix gif


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