Lazy Hair Day Essentials

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A couple of years ago, when I spent my first summer in New York City, I discovered why most people who can afford it flee the metropolis after Memorial Day. NYC is miserably hot and humid  for about three months straight, which makes any kind of hair heat-styling practically impossible – unless you want to end up a sweaty wreck. 

Add to that my hair’s Monica Geller-esque reactions to humidity and you can probably understand why I like to take a minimal effort approach to summer hair care. 


In the interests of public service, I thought I’d share some of my essential tools for transforming lazy hair (ie. second-day or air-dried) into something that looks like it took longer than 5 minutes to do. And of course all of these can be used year-round for those days when you’ve got literally seconds to deal with your mane before stepping out the door.

lazy hair

1. Dry Shampoo

This is a life-saver for those of us with long hair. Hair-washing can require a solid hour (I definitely empathise with those ladies who used to use it as an excuse to not go out in the old days…) so it’s not something that I can do everyday. A little dry shampoo at the roots saves hours, and also gives you some extra body, which is always nice. I love Batiste, mainly because their packaging is so joyous, and they come in a lot of different scents. 

2. Sea Salt Spray

With just a couple of sprays and a scrunch you can add texture and accentuate the natural curl in your hair. I like to use it when my hair’s feeling a bit flat to add in body at the ends. I love Bumble and Bumble’s spray, but I know that there are a lot of options out there. Just be careful not to go overboard with the spritzing – too much and your hair will be a little crunchy…

3. Hair Mist

If you love that just-washed shampoo scent then a good hair mist is essential on a lazy hair day. Either you can go for a scent similar to your shampoo, or find your favourite perfume. Personally, I love Chanel Mademoiselle. Wearing hair mist is also a nice subtle way to wear scent.

4. Bright Hair Ties

If the only hairstyle you can handle is swooping it all up in a topknot or ponytail, a bright hair tie can hide a multitude of sins. People will be so distracted by the colour they’ll barely notice the messy strands hanging out around it. I got these from Sephora

5. Bobby Pins

I always channel a bit of Brigitte Bardot when my hair is a real mess – and yes, that does involve blasting Yé-Yé music as I get ready. One of the quickest ways to a Bardot-barnet, when combined with a little dry shampoo and sea salt spray, is a couple of bobby pins to clip hair up, into a ‘do so artfully messy it looks like it took hours. 

6. Bright Lips

The ultimate lazy hair day essential! My go-to red is Smashbox’s Legend. Even with your hair scraped back in a ponytail, bright lips will make the whole look seem polished – like you totally planned to downplay the hair to balance your make-up. Duh. Hey, it works for Iggy Azalea.


So remember, messy is good, bright is better, but the thing that really makes your hair look great on a lazy day is your own awesomeness ♥

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