So Dum Dum Girls Did A Live AllSaints Session


Photo courtesy of AllSaints Spitalfields.

This just popped into my inbox this morning – it looks like Dee Dee and Dum Dum Girls have partnered with one of my favourite brands, AllSaints, for an exclusive live session performance of “Under These Hands,” from their latest album, Too True.

Shot in Dalston’s Shacklewell Arms, there’s a lovely lo-fi quality to the video. It’s black-and-white, gritty, and I’m definitely still getting an ‘80s Manchester vibe from them. I didn’t realize that AllSaints holds these “Basement Sessions” regularly around East London, but I’ll be keeping an eye on them now.

I’m also obsessing slightly over the “Shop The Session” aspect of the video – because as any great music-fashion collab should, it makes both look awesome – if anybody’s wondering what’s on my summer wishlist this is pretty much it.

Dee Dee’s also created an exclusive playlist for AllSaints which is rather epic.

Dee Dee:

“The act of traveling is so well-suited to being soundtracked, and it’s remarkable how varied the experience can be based on the sounds that accompany it. Here is a playlist that took me from Bordeaux to Madrid, over the course of a very long, exhausting ten hour day. Everyone is on their own trip so you might as well make yours sound perfect.”

I ♥ Dee Dee, haha.

I love hearing what artists listen to themselves – I feel like an archaeologist hunting through for the themes and beats that have influenced them – does anyone else do that? When I found out that Morrissey used to be president of the New York Dolls fan club it cast their music in a whole new light for me! 

Among Dee Dee’s picks are Bryan Ferry, Dirty Beaches, and Buzzcocks. Interesting mix.

If you fancy learning a bit more about Too True and Dum Dum Girls, you can check out my Record Review featuring the album (and coincidentally I’m wearing an AllSaints top in the video, whaaaaat): 


Have a WahWah weekend ♥

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