Easter Treats

easter treats 2


Easter is one of the tastiest times of the year, and my personal favourite food holiday (probably because I’m a bit of a chocoholic…)

Plus there’s all the religion and winter is over, spring is coming, let’s frolic like lambs in a field -ness.

To celebrate the holiday (which starts with Good Friday this week) I thought I’d make a post with some lovely Easter Treats I’ve made! I’m not sure how popular these are in the US, but growing up in London I always looked forward to our yearly tradition of making Mini Egg nests. They’re really simple to make – just mix melted chocolate with crisp rice and spoon into cupcake cases. Then, before the chocolate starts to set, pop a chocolate egg in the middle.

You can use larger cases than these to make bigger nests, and put two or three eggs in the middle, but I wanted to make mine bite-size with an egg-a-piece.

Although there are some Mini Eggs being sold in America right now under the Cadbury label, they don’t taste or look anything like the original British eggs. Luckily my mum brought me some eggs when she came to stay with me earlier this month! You can track down imported eggs in some speciality British food shops, or just envy everybody who can buy proper Mini Eggs everywhere in the UK.

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I made the daisy wreath from a Paper Source kit, and the chick and bunny are also from one of their kits.

Unfortunately the first rabbit I made fell victim to Jack Kerouac’s claws and curiosity…

sad rabbit

I hope you have a wonderful Easter! What kinds of treats do you make for the holiday?



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