March Beauty Obsessions

March Beauty Obsessions Feature

As well as my reviews and big, bold ideas, I also do love pretty little things like… beauty products! In fact, it’s a bit of an obsession, as my Sephora VIB card will testify. Each month I’ll be sharing a round-up of my personal beauty obsessions, starting today with my March products! 

Have you used any of these? Let me know in the comments! And if you’re loving anything else this season definitely comment below as well!


This is a bit of a cheat for my first obsession, but I’ve been using these Garnier rollers for years and they really do work. Part of me loves that it comes in such a bright little roller, and then another part of me just enjoys the ritual of rolling the little metal ball under my eyes. I always wake up with puffy eyes, and instead of digging about in the corners for bits of sleep I apply this just before my BB cream, pat dry, and then get on with my day. It’s also a great product to pop in your bag if you’ve got a long day ahead, because the caffeine helps you perk up for a night out.


Always wanted one of these, finally got one. They’re just amazing. Especially if you, like me, were one of those children who quite fancied putting “crayon make-up” on and learnt the hard way how bad Crayola can taste… Really great for on-the-go, and this colour goes on as a nice coral – perfect for getting into a spring mood!


This is a relatively new addition to the BB Cream family, and for all intents and purposes is basically a light concealer. I have it in “Fair” (and I’m wearing it in these pics!) and it’s nice for wearing with a BB Cream for a bit of extra eye coverage. Nothing heavy-duty but when the weather’s gone all sunny and lovely that’s exactly what I want. 


I’ve been obsessed with these for post-yoga cleanup, after I’ve been sweating a bit from hot vinyasa but I’m not ready for my entire skincare routine. These wet cloths and a quick shower work wonders. They also have a lovely floral scent – honeysuckle and white tea – which feels very luxurious.


I honestly wouldn’t have even thought to pick this up if it hadn’t come as part of a Sephora beauty rewards pack. I know that everyone’s getting a bit obsessed with beauty oils recently, and now I think I get it – a couple of drops mixed in with my moisturiser at night has helped my skin deal with this year’s harsh New York winter. A horrible combo of icy winds and indoor heating was drying out my skin, but after I started using this Tsubaki Beauty Oil my skin suddenly felt like there was actually water in it again! I’ve almost run out of my mini-bottle, but I’ll be buying the full-size as soon as I do!

These were my March Beauty Obsessions – what were yours?


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