Introducing: The Record Review

Record Review Feature

I’m excited to announce a new project that I’ve been working on for my YouTube channel: The Record Review!

Every week I’ll be posting a new video review of an actual real life record.

Why records? As a child of the nineties I grew up in the age of the cassette, then the CD, and now the MP3. In short, I never got a chance to listen to recorded music that wasn’t in some way digitized.

That is, until I bought a lovely little Crosley portable record player on a whim last year and started to listen to vinyl.

And now I get it, so I’m spreading the word.

There’ll be some of my favourites, some brand spankin’ new LPs, and some vintage classics, so you’ll know exactly what’s worth investing in for your personal collections.

Videos come out on the “R” day (why is there an “R” day in diaries?) – aka Thursday – you can subscribe to my channel to get notifications, plus I’ll be posting the videos with accompanying extended blogs right here!

Got a record that wants reviewing? Contact me for more information on submissions.

See you back here next Thursday for the first review!

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