Can’t Hardly Wait: Mutants and Westerosi

mutants and westerosi

Films and TV shows are getting better than ever at teaser campaigns, and I’m a sucker for them.

Think Sherlock’s two year wait before the promotions team drove a hearse around London, with the phrase “SHERLOCK 01 01 14,” its UK premiere date, spelt out in flowers.

Or, the series of stunts by the Anchorman 2 team in the lead-up to its release late last year: Will Ferrell hijacked a local newscast in-character as Ron Burgundy, complementing the drawn-out release of various teaser trailers starting in May 2012. That’s a full year and a half to get all agitated and impatient.

So what’s getting me all unsettled?

Just some mutants and some Westerosi.

Today Game of Thrones released their second teaser trailer for Season Four, titled “Vengeance.” Beats of our favourite characters flash across the screen, managing to reveal exactly nothing for a minute and forty seconds. Perfect.

In the past month GoT have already given us another teaser trailer, 15 stills from the new series, and a behind-the-scenes 15 minute featurette. With two more months to go before the April 6 premiere, it’s hard to imagine what they’ll pull out of the bag next. It’s the promotional equivalent of when someone spends all day cooking, wafting scents of what’s to come through the house, but you know that they take forever so you won’t be eating until midnight.

jon snow

I’m feeling as bewildered as Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) with all these teaser campaigns. 

Which isn’t to say that it isn’t fantastic to see the GoT actors speaking in their actual accents in Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing. But a combination of GoT anticipation and the constant bombardment of winter storms hitting NYC is making me wish I could just hibernate until April!

And at least then I’ll have a weekly distraction from another countdown – the arrival of the mutants!

X-Men: Days of Future Past is my favourite comicbook superhero team, in my favourite storyline, with some of my favourite actors. Any fan of the X-Men comics knows that this movie adaptation has a lot to live up to!

Full disclosure: yes, I am a nerd.

Moving on, May 23 marks the release date, when fresh blood Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy take on Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart (probably during the interval of Waiting for Godot – that’s the only time you can find those guys these days).

Empire Magazine made a big performance of releasing 25 limited edition covers, each featuring an exclusive portrait of one of the characters.The first X-teaser X-trailer was released back in October, and photos have been leaked from the set all over the place.

Including, just today, these new stills.

But there are still a fair few unanswered questions:

  • Why has Rebecca Romijn been completely erased from the cast, and swiftly replaced with Jennifer Lawrence?
  • Why is Cyclops, previously played excellently by James Marsden, completely missing from all the promotional materials despite his central role in the plot? And suddenly Scott Summers’ younger brother Alex “Havok” Summers gets a starring role? What’s up with that Bryan Singer?
  • Why has Quicksilver been double-cast by Marvel – played in X-Men by Evan Peters, in the second Avengers film by Aaron Taylor-Johnson?
  • Why is it that everything that Peter Dinklage works on is amazing?

If you’re as obsessed as me and have cash to spare, you might even want to splash out on tickets to the LA premiere and see the movie a full four days before the rest of us plebs.

Or just wait a few more torturous days.

I can’t tell whether it would be better if distributors and networks were forced to scale back these campaigns, or if my dislike like for them is essentially rooted in that juvenile desire to just have exactly what I want right now please and thank you.

Ah well – only absolutely ages to go until either of these premieres.

can crush gif

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