5 Brilliant Albums to Tide You Over Until the New Lana Del Rey Record Comes Out

Lana Del Rey’s sixth album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, is due out this year but no one seems quite sure when exactly. I thought I’d round-up some brilliant albums that you can listen to and love right now while you wait for Norman Fucking Rockwell. These 5 female artists all tap into a similar vibe to Lana Del Rey, so if you’re looking to expand your music rotation have a listen.

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YouTube Music in Residence

I was clicking through my instastories earlier this week when an advert popped up for YouTube Music in Residence - a temporary installation in London I hadn't heard about but which, according to the Dazed promo, was "a four-day event celebrating the UK music scene." Coming soon after the launch of the new streaming service YouTube Music, the … Continue reading YouTube Music in Residence

Lana Del Rey & Female Rivalry w/ Brittany Spanos

Why are female artists always pitted against each other? And how does that intense rivalry affect them (and us)?

Join me and Brittany Spanos, Online Producer at Rolling Stone, for a chat about Ultraviolence, Lorde, and the way that our culture deals with innovative women in music.